Why Choose Pattern Imprinted Concrete For Your Drive or Patio?

With a range of other driveway options, there is a reason why Pattern Imprinted Concrete is leading the pack for driveways and patios in the north west.

No Weeds - No Sinking - No Lifting - Low Maintenance

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

    For years, block paving and tarmac has been the only "go too" choice for residential and commercial outdoor flooring options due to their cheap cost and a lack of any other options available.
    Pattern Imprinted Concrete was originally designed and widely used in America back in the 1950's (also known as stamped concrete).

    Since then, the method has been perfected and repeated millions of times throughout the world. Its ability to take great weight and also be free from movable blocks or troublesome weeds makes it an ideal choice for low maintenance and longevity, now making it much better value for money as a permanent solution.

    With any driveway option, it is moisture that will deteriorate a driveway. Tarmac and block paving are both porous and once the moisture is able to penetrate the surface, this allows it to expand and contract with the heat and the cold throughout the seasons.

    Pattern imprinted concrete is covered in a thick resin to prevent this. Dimension Driveways use a custom based sealer that is designed to withstand the most extreme of weathers that we encounter here in the U.K and is almost twice the strength of industry standards. This resin is oil proof and non-porous that also helps to eradicate any day to day wear and tear.

    You will notice that tarmac is often riddled with pot holes, cracks and crumbles or patch work to hide this cycle that is goes through on a yearly basis. Block paving is also susceptible to this but with each individual block that is able to move with the expansion, this can also cause greater problems with weeds allowing to be pushed through that have bedded into the screed of sand that the blocks sit on.

    Expansion and contraction in pattern imprinted concrete is overcome by the use of crack control joints, these are very thin still saw cuts that we place through the pattern of the concrete and are only cut around 3 inches into the 4 inch concrete (we also install a 4 inch subbase beneath this for added strength) this trains the concrete to follow these lines giving the area room for movement, so if the concrete does crack, it is beneath the decorative surface and not ruining the aesthetic look of your drive.

    Because block paving is also so labour intensive and each individual block has to be seated correctly to such a degree, you end up paying more for the actual labour of the installation than the cost of the materials. Pattern imprinted concrete is poured in one go and does not require this extra time consuming effort.

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete is now being installed widely throughout the world and is used by McDonalds, KFC and Burger King for their drive-through’s, Disneyland and Euro-Disney for their walkways as there are no trip hazards or pot holes to deal with, coupled with its extreme hard wearing and decorative features.

    When installed correctly, Stamped Concrete can look much better than other driveway or patio options for much longer, a driveway needs to look completely flat to look neat and tidy whilst still pushing the water off in the relevant directions to prevent puddling.

    When Dimension Driveways first started installing concrete, we used to emphasize the falls to ensure the water was removed from the driveway area but over time we have perfected that skill and we can now use very slight movements within the concrete to achieve the same result but giving you a better finish of driveway.


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