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The Best Pattern Imprinted Driveway Installers.

We believe our workmanship speaks for itself. With numerous different driveway and patio options, it is hard enough to pick the right options for you without feeling pressured from salesmen or door to door canvassers. With our wealth of knowledge in the building industry, we are confident that we can give you the right options for you with a competitive quote whilst only using the very best materials.

We have learned very quickly that if you buy cheap materials, you buy twice.

If you are going to the extent of having pattern imprinted concrete installed for your drive or patio, why scrimp or save on materials? stamp concrete is supposed to last a lifetime.

Pattern imprinted concrete is designed to be weed free and last for years above any other driveway option, the better the quality of materials, the longer this will last.

Our concrete is guaranteed for 7.5 TONS and fiber meshed and air entrained. this gives your drive added strength that results in better longevity.

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With over 20 years time served fitters of pattern imprinted concrete, we have the expertise to install your drive or patio to the highest of standards. Dimension Driveways are P.I.C.S contractor installers. Pattern imprinted concrete is an ideal solution for all driveways and Patios, that is cost effective and virtually maintenance free.

It is also relatively maintenance free, with no weeds or sinking to worry about as in other Driveway & Patio options.


Pattern imprinted concrete is covered in a resin to protect the surface from the elements. This prevents any moisture penetrating the concrete and prevents cracks and crumbles as in other driveway options. Our higher than industry standard resin (28% Solids as apposed to 18%) ensures your drive is relatively maintenance free.


With no joints to worry about in-between the blocks or flags, no weeds can penetrate our concrete, ensuring a better looking drive that lives for years and years to come. Weeds can also contribute to sinking and lifting of flags or block paving

P.I.C.S Contractors

We are a P.I.C.S Contractor installer. ( Paving Industry Contract Support) for the North-West. All our materials are of the highest grade that P.I.C.S supply. Including our custom made resin that is only used by us.

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Suppliers of pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios to Warrington and the North West.

Dimension Driveways have been installing stamp concrete and pressed concrete pattern driveways within Warrington and the North West for over 20 years. We maintain a high level of customer service along with a strict work ethic to give you peace of mind. Driveway and patio installations can be disruptive enough without having to deal with nightmare builders and shoddy workmanship. We aim to make the installation as smooth as possible for all of our customers,
We are proud to say that we are a PICS CONTRACTOR INSTALLER.

We guarantee our Concrete for 7.5 tons and only use the very best materials.

our colours do not fade in UV light

our resin is twice the industry standard of strength

our concrete is fiber mesh, air en-trained for added strength

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Our Process.

Once we have surveyed your site and finalized all the required details, your site is excavated and re stoned to form a 4 inch sub base for your concrete, taking into account your damp course and falls for drainage. The next available day, we pour the concrete and print and colour in the same day. Once this has been done and allowed to cure, we then thoroughly clean the drive and surrounding areas ready to apply the resin on the next dry day. Crack control joints and general snagging is also done at this point, leaving you with a brand new drive that will last for years to come.

Our Approach.

In a nutshell, quality,Replacing a drive can always be costly, regardless of the materials you use due to the labour intensive side of this. If you are going to the expense of replacing it, why not replace it with something that will live so much longer? prevent weeds and sinking and lifting?
Only Pattern Imprinted Concrete can offer this, even tarmac sinks and cracks and is also prone to moss build up.
We also believe that the highest quality materials should be used, otherwise this is defeating the object of having something that will last a life time.
With Dimension Driveways, you are assured of quality materials.

Our Concrete.

Our Concrete is competent up to 7.5 ton for life and concrete specifications wherever possible is p350 air entrained, this keeps all the air molecules to a minimum, this helps for hot days where normal concrete would expand too much and aids against cracking as much as possible. hot summer days then cold nights over a short period is what's the cause for most concrete cracking so air entrained keeps this to a minimum. It has fiber reinforcement which is as competent and strong as the old style re-bar (placing steel bars within the concrete pour).

This is done to strengthen the concrete but with our fiber method it reinforced against every tensional stress angle where as re-bar is not.
Our above industry standard materials help give you peace of mind and a longer lasting drive or patio.

Strength in Colour.

The colour hardener we use acts in two ways, to give the desired colour and one part of the two tone effect but it also strengthens the surface too, adding more impact strength against abrasion and knocks.
Our colours do not fade in the UV light like most cheaper concrete colour hardeners.

This is followed by a release agent that acts two ways too, one is to give it a second colour as the mats are designed to push the release into the surface and also it stops the mats from sticking and pulling on the surface, enabling a smooth print that doesn't pull up with the mats, giving you the best possible finish to your driveway.

We offer a standard 12 month peace of mind after care with every installation, this can be increased with an agreed maintenance & inspection contract.

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